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Porto Novo International Festival: here is the program of the ten days 

The Festival of Arts and Cultures of Porto Novo began today Wednesday, January 04, 2017. During the ten days that this important cultural and tourist activity will last, the organizing committee has concocted an enticing program made of sounds, traditional dances of All kinds and practices of worship of this locality of our country. Read below the program of the ten days of activity.

Here is the detailed program of the Porto-Novo International Festival: Wednesday 04 January 2017 9h: Cutting of the ribbon of the fair, Vernissage of the exhibition and launch of the fair of the book in the village of the festival 10h: Opening of the scientific symposium with the presentation of the inaugural conference. Theme: Porto-Novo, cosmopolitan city: the bonds that unite its inhabitants. 19h: Animation in the village (music evening Yoruba) Head of Poster: Moufa Entries: Souradjou, Soulé Adjakpè, Igbin, Prince Odéoyé, Jocelyne Acakpo and Achoré Thursday 05 January 2017

10h: Continuation of the symposium – Presentation of the work of the panels 16h: 1 / 8th final game Ovê in the 4th Arrondissement. 7 pm: Cinematographic projection at the festival village 8 pm: Animation at the festival village: Modern Music; Poster Head: Ricos Entries: Sèwlan Aziza, El Pépito, Prince Agbété, Nastchédé, Mau Saizonou Friday 06 January 2017 10h: ¼ final game Ovê in the 4th Arrondissement. 4 pm: Animation Zangbéto in the 3rd Arrondissement. 16h: Animation Egun-Egun in the 2nd arrondissement. 7 pm: Gospel evening in the village of the Anne Tête d’Affiche festival: Teko & Jonny Entries: Nadin, Ange Ahounagonou, Aimé Isaac, Adjogan choir, Rouhiath, Symphony, David Sax Saturday 07 January 2017 10h: Animation in the boroughs. 12h: Large caravan of mobilization: Departure of the caravaners of the starting points of the five Arrondissements. 17h: Opening ceremony followed by the opening show (Dine Alougbine) + fireworks on the lawn of the Charles de Gaulle stadium Sunday 08 January 2017

8h: Mass of Epiphany 95th anniversary of the epiphany in Porto-Novo + popular rejoicing in the city 16h: Animation Zangbéto in the 5th arrondissement Gankpon Gbéssê, Dossou LETRIKI Junor, the son of Yédénou Adjahoui (Thefon) Bernadin (Theophilus) , Echo divine, Cheffon, Sèna Joy, Albert Hounga Monday 09 January 2017 8h30: half final Ovê 14h: Animation Bonfin (morning Aguda) in place Bayol with the ” Bourians ” 16h: Animation ” Gohoun Ako ” (Lokossa) 7 pm: Musical evening: traditional music in the village Tête d’Affiche: Anice Pépé Amikpon Entries: Black man, Blèkpon, Assouto, Tuesday 10 January 2017 9h: Feast of endogenous religions in Malanhoui and Gbèloko Honto 14h: Lunch in the festival village 7 pm: Cinematographic projection at the festival village 20h: Animation in the village of the festival (modern music traditio) Tête d’Affiche: Sagbohan Danialou Entries: Faty, Jean Adagbénon, Eyon’lé, Gangbé Wednesday 11 January 2017

10h : Finale de ‘’Ovê’’

15h : Animation ‘’Gohoun Atê’’ à (Houèzounmè)

19h : Animation au village du festival (musique urbaine) Tête d’Affiche : Zeynab ou DIBI DOBO

Entrées : WP, Radama Z, Sweet Glory, Fanicko

Jeudi 12 janvier 2017

8h à 14h : Quartier libre

15h : Match de Gala des anciennes Gloires

20h : Spectacle « Les Intrépides » au Musée Honmè

22h : Projection cinématographique au village du festival

Vendredi 13 janvier 2017

Quartier libre : Préparation du grand carnaval du festival

Samedi 14 janvier 2017

14 h : Cérémonie de clôture

Grand Carnaval de Porto-Novo avec les différents Masques et groupes d’animation. Remise de prix aux festivaliers. Fin du festival.